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Buckskin Saddle, Full QH Bar

A saddle for any kind of trail!  Footman loops and rings in all the right places so you can carry everything.  The high 4" cantle makes riding all day easy.  The Colorado Saddlery 3-way "Perfect Rig"™ allows you to set the saddle at the full, 7/8 or 3/4 position depending on the terrain or the horse.  This saddle offers quality, comfort and using ability at a great price!

TREE: Equi-Fit Colorado Association
BARS: Full Quarter Horse
SEAT: 15” (300-5328), 16” (300-6328), or 17" (300-7328)
CANTLE: 4 ½”, Rawhide Bound
FORK: 13 1/2” with Rope Strap
HORN: #4 Dally Post, Rawhide Bound (3 ½” High – 2 ½” Cap)
RIGGING: Colorado Saddlery 3-Way “Perfect Rig”
SKIRTS: Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees, Footman Loops & Rings
FLANK CINCHA: Heavy Skirting Leather
CINCHA: 27 Strand Roper
STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3” with Blevins Buckles
STIRRUPS: 2” Rawhide Visalias
FINISH: Plain, Oiled and Polished
WEIGHT: 36 to 38 lbs. Fully Rigged

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The Rocky Mountain Working Cowhorse

The Rocky Mountain Working Cowhorse is the latest in our line of the best in working saddles!  Only the finest leather goes into this saddle and the craftsmanship shows in every detail.  The square skirt is cut to help give better leg cues, and tapered to help show off those hard stops.  The Buster Welsh Ranch Tree is designed to hold up under heavy working conditions, and the rough out seat helps hold the rider and the deep Komfort Kantle gives the rider a "sweet spot" seat when needed.

TREE: Buster Welsh Ranch, Rawhide Covered
BARS: Full-Quarter Horse (7” Gullet)
SEAT: 15” (300-5328), 16” (300-6328) or 17” (300-7328)
CANTLE: Leather Cheyenne Roll
FORK: 13” with  Rope Strap
HORN: 3” High – 3 ½” Cap
RIGGING: 7/8 Stainless Steel Hanging Double Dees
SKIRTS: Fleece Lined, Breast Collar Dees
FLANK CINCHA: Heavy Skirting Leather
CINCHA: 32” 27 Strand Roper
STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3” with  Blevins Buckles
STIRRUPS: 3” Leather Ropers
FINISH: Partial  Tooled, Rough Out  Seat & Fenders, Oiled and Polished
WEIGHT: 40 lbs.

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SB37-16 Rancher/Roper

Seat size: 151/2", 16", 17"
Tree: Association Rawhide
Color: Regular oil
Cantle: 4"
Gullet width: 61/2"
Horn: 3" tall  21/4" cap

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SB37-18 Wade

Seat size: 151/2, 16
Tree: Wide A-Fork
Color: Dark Oil
Cantle: 4"
Gullet width: 7"

: 3" tall 31/4" cap.

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37-38 Ranch/Cutter

Seat Size: 151/2, 16, 17
Tree: Ranch/Cutter
Color: Dark Oil
Cantle: 31/2"
Gullet: 61/2"
Horn: 31/2" tall - 21/2" cap
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37-39 Tooled Roper Combo

Seat Size: 15 1/2, 16
Tree: Olin Young
Color: Regular Oil
Cantle: 3 1/2"
Gullet: 6 1/2"

Horn: 3 1/2" tall - 2 3/4" cap

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